Police Undercover Operation at RaftRace

We kid you not!  It would appear that the local boys in blue have been conducting undercover operations at the annual raft race in an attempt to track down a dastardly band of duck rustlers believed to be hiding out on one of the lake’s islands.

The covert operation came to light when discussion amongst the committee turned to the thorny subject of who had won the most raft races.   Yes Alder Carr Farm are the only team to win two years in a row and yes, this year could see a hat trick of wins for the Cattermole team.

But the undercover operation by the police means that they already have a hat trick of wins: in 2004 as Face Fuzz, in 2006 as Noah 999 and in 2008 as Pond Scum.

The committee has no records relating to duck rustling.