Under Construction…

An unidentified team reviews their designer's first draft at an undisclosed location.

The job of organising the Raft Race is hard work.  There are cakes to bake, cheese & biscuits to nibble and Graham’s wine cellar to demolish.   All of this whilst the stars of the day are hard at work building a craft which will survive the rigours of a lap or two of the lake at Needham Market.

Seriously, a lot of hard work goes into running and taking part in the Raft Race.  Not all of that work is obvious on Race Day so why not send us images and stories of your raft under construction, your team building days or your planning sessions.  (What? You don’t ave team building days??)  Part of the fun is the anticipation so join in and get involved before June 10th.

You can send you images and stories to: RaftRace@TonyBellPhotography.com  – remember it is a fun day so your stories don’t have to be too serious!